Healthy Meals & Home Delivery

Healthy Meals & Home Delivery

Keeping you full and fit

Village Healthy Foods aims to provide fresh, locally sourced produce delivered straight to your door. Handmade by our local butcher, all of our ready meals were designed by Dorothy Jefferies, an award winning nutritionist to give you just what you need to get through the day.

How we keep you healthy

The way our ready meals are made make them taste better, and be better for you, than equivalent products you might find in the shops. Benefits of our food includes: •Is very nutritious: The meals have been designed to fulfill all of your nutritional needs •Is very fresh: Unlike most other ready meals, we use only fresh ingredients in our food. This means it tastes nicer and is better for the environment, as it uses less packaging. • Is very local: All out food is sourced locally, which means it tastes better, lasts longer and is healthier for you and the environment. •Is full of variety: As you can see in the table below, we do a lot of different ready meals, from cottage pie to chicken jalfrezi!

Whats on offer?

Example of Ready Meals below;


Faggots and Peas‐ Cottage Pie‐ Beef Hotpot‐ Chicken Korma ‐Chicken Tikka Masala‐ Sweet and Sour Chicken‐ Sausage, Peas Potatoes and Gravy‐ Chicken Hotpot‐ Corned Beef Hash‐ Chinese Chicken Curry and Rice‐ Lamb Hot Pot‐ Chicken Jalfreizi

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Where can I order?

 Tel: 07748 548 720

Village Butchers

7 Glouchester Court,

Roman Way,


Opening hours Tuesday - Saturdau 7am - 1pm

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"It's nice to get out of your four walls for a little bit....get out and see people " Mr & Mrs Williams, Caerleon, Newport

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