Work Placements & Training

Work Placements & Training

Why Volunteer?

One of Village Service’s main aims is giving people of all ages the chance to volunteer with them. This is because volunteering helps both the volunteer, providing them with valuable work experience and skills such as confidence, and a chance to make some new friends, and the wider community; Village Services relies on volunteers to run its projects in Caerleon. Interested? Read below to see how helping out can benefit you, and fill in our application form.

"Volunteering counts towards my Duke of Edinburgh, gives me confidence and is very fun!!" Eloise.M

Improving your CV

"Our volunteers gain experience in a wide variety of areas…including management and budgetary skills and interacting with people from a range of ages and backgrounds" – Carys H. Community Support Duty Supervisor

Working for Village Services is a fantastic way of developing your CV and improving your employability. If 14-24, this counts towards the volunteering section in your Duke of Edinburgh, show employers that you have previous experience of a work environment, and give you a good reference when applying for other jobs. Helping out isn’t only for youngsters however, more mature people will also benefit from volunteering. Studies show that 73% of employers would employ someone who has volunteered over someone who hasn't, and voluntary work can be a great way to meet new people. Village Services can give you experience of a wide range of activities, including: 

  • Caring experience: There is always a need for carers to work in our Home Support service. Here you can gain experience in befriending clients and visitors, dealing with clients who have limited mobility, house keeping and meal preparation. Also can count towards a health and social care NVQ.
  • Catering experience: Volunteering in any area will provide you with experience of meal preparation, maintaining hygiene in a food preparation area, unloading goods from suppliers and collecting and disposing of waste. Volunteers in the Home Support and Healthy Food areas will also have evidence of cutting and cleaning meat and vegetables and organising store rooms.
  • Administration All our services involve some paperwork, so volunteers interested in this can gain experience in Microsoft office packages like Excel, operating scanners and printing equipment and answering phone enquirers.
  • Budgeting Placements can also involve collecting money, inputting it into records and calculating income/expenditure •Nutritionists: Placements in the Healthy Foodservice will give budding nutritionists the chance to gain experience ensuring that quality standards are maintained, and identifying products which do not meet the necessary standards. They also give the chance to ensure preparation processes are in line with current legislation, and to take steps to guarantee compliance with the law.

Gaining Skills

"Volunteering is a great way to build your skills base. Employers really value skills like confidence and the ability to work in a team." - Kath.T-Work Coach

Volunteering doesn’t just show employers what you have done, it can also demonstrate that you have picked up useful life skills, such as confidence and teamwork. These are valuable because they can be applied to any situation: nearly every job wants people who can work in a team for example. You can develop a range of skills with Village Services, including:

  • Team working skills: If you choose to help Village Services, you will be working alongside people from a variety of ages and backgrounds. This skill is highly valued by employers, being an important part of the Civil Service Competency Framework
  • Communication Skills: Village Services deals with a large part of the community, from local people, the police, schools and business.. Therefore, volunteers will learn how to communicate effectively to lots of people in a range of situations.
  • Time management skills: When working for Village Services, volunteers will be expected to get to work on time, a basic work requirement. Setting aside time in your day for Village Services duties also shows that you can create a schedule and stick to it. Self-Motivation: As volunteers work for free, consistently turning up to help the community will demonstrate that you have initiative and can stick at a task.
  • Self Confidence: A sense of self belief is vitally important for both workers and jobseekers. The experience and skills gained at your placements will hopefully give you a sense of achievement, inspiring you to follow your dreams.

In here we can a Call To Action or even a slogan or strapline that relates to this particular service .

Friends and Fun

"Working with Village Services is really rewarding…’s always nice to join in" - Jan.S

Helping out isn’t just about getting a job, it also lets you meet new people and do something worthwhile. Working with Village Services gives you the chance to socialise with lots of people, each with a different story to tell. And you get to do all this safe in the knowledge that you are helping your local community. A placement with Village Services isn’t just all work, we show our appreciation by arranging a variety of days out-our past outings have been to the cinema, ice hockey matches and bowling alleys amongst others. Interested? Then fill out this application form now

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"I use Village Services to help with some light cleaning duties around my house and they have been wonderful, they do a great job, wouldn't be without them." Mrs. Daniels, Caerleon, South Wales

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